Mk 200

Why we prefer to stay indoors in the evening as it is time to go outside and play with our children and spend some quality time with them, we know the reason.

Mosquitoes and insects transmitting deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever etc. but now the time is changed, we at Moskill after many years of Research and Development have developed an all weather outdoor mosquito trap MK - 200. This unique roduct attracts and traps mosquitos from almost 1 acre of area to keep you protected and provide clean outdoor experience in your residential area. It not only attracts mosquitoes but also other insects like moths, bugs, beetles, flies etc.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • UV-A LED to effectively attract maximum Mosquitoes
  • Raw material used for all weather conditions
  • Lower Noise
  • Thin film nano technology to obtain maximum catch
  • Mode of Killing : Attract , trap and Dehydrate mosquitoes and Insects
  • Trapping Light Source: UV-A LED
  • Size : 260(dia) mm X 320(H) mm
  • Colour : Black
  • Weight : 1580g
  • Attractant Source : Optimized UV LEDs + Co2
  • Power consumption – 9W
  • Power : DC 12 V Adaptor, 100~ 240 V
  • Installation : Stand Top/Hanging hole
  • Water Resistant
  • Area Coverage : 1 acre

School, Malls, Balcony, Porche, Garden, Terrace Garden, Dairy Farm, Hospitals, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Industrial Sheds, Food Industries, Pharmaceutical companies.