Mk 100

After the extensive research and development for years Moskill has developed a unique product to kill mosquitoes & other flying insects which harm our health and environment.

MK 100 is a very unique insect and mosquito killer its selective UV light are chosen that is irresistible to mosquitoes and other flying insects. It emits Carbon Dioxide which attracts mosquitos and flying insects through its unique thin film technology. This technology vacuums the insects into its range and collects them under the container attached with the MK 100. MK -100 does not emit any harmful chemicals and is 100% eco friendly.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • UV-A LED with low power consumption
  • High Capture rate against existing Mercury Lamp Technology
  • 100 % Eco friendly with zero hamful gases emissions
  • No overhead expense for Installation its just plug and use
  • Easy installation and easy to use
  • Noise free, High Speed
  • Mode of Killing : Attract , trap and Dehydrate mosquitoes and Insects
  • Trapping Light Source: UV-A LED
  • Size : 200(dia) mm X 232(H) mm
  • Colour : Black
  • Weight : 359g
  • Attractant Source : Optimized UV LEDs + Co2
  • Power consumption – 4W
  • Power : DC 12 V Adaptor, 100~ 240 V
  • Installation : Stand Top/Hanging hole
  • Area Coverage : 500 sq.ft

Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen, Bathroom, Govt. Guesthouses, Hospitals, Restaurants