how to keep mosquitoes away

With a mosquito elimination systems by Mosquitofreeworld, you have a very effective and persistent mosquito control tool in your area. The catch rates of our systems, when operated continuously and positioned correctly, can be high enough that a reduction in biting pressure will be noticeable after a few days.

Apart from our systems, following basic care we suggest you to follow:

  • To get rid of mosquitoes in your home, work place, places you visit... the best solution is to prevent them from breeding around your and to prevent them from entering your home.
  • Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes:
  • When outside at dusk or dawn, wear long sleeves, trousers, footwear and hats to reduce exposed skin.
  • Prevent mosquitoes being able to develop in standing water:
  • Ensure drains are kept clear and running.
  • Ensure gutters and water gullies are not blocked.
  • Cover water butts with a lid.
  • Do not leave standing water.
  • After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains.