Who we are

Mechelec Group with the vision of few qualified engineers, established in 1960.

We have proved ourselves as reputed and reliable Manufacturer of pest killers, Water Coolers & Steel Furniture. With the production facilities spread over 20,000 sq.ft area with the most advanced automated plant. We combine economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

Mechelec Group now brings a range of new pest killers under the Brand Name of Moskill. Moskill brings you wide range of Solar and Electric Pest Killer Devices used for Home, Farms, Malls, Warehouses, Hospitality, etc.

Moskill is a brand which basically deals in Solar & Electric Pest Killer products. These products generate UV light of particular wavelength to attract unwanted and harmful pests. The technology incorporated in Moskill products have been designed to operate at close to the temperature of Human Body, its thin film technology is used to generate carbon dioxide and it is so overwhelming to insects that they are attracted to UV Lights where they are vacuumed and captured in containers where they expire. Our eco friendly, no chemical attractants or consumable bulbs help you to enjoy insects free living.


At Mechelec group , innovation is in our DNA, and creativity is in our blood. That’s why our entrepreneurial and dynamic approach is refreshing the world of Mosquito/Insect Traps & Killing machines.

We approach challenges and processes boldly, with an innovative, compelling vision. We consult with customers and principals to develop new ways to create value for our partners. Our people are experts in their field, with extensive local market knowledge, supported by an international structure. We implement changes rapidly and continuously look for ways to refresh every aspect of pest control. This encapsulation of our business is reflected in this new-look website, and in our new branding. But more than that, it is reflected in how we do business with you: Moskill cares, every day.


Mission We shall endeavour to always be the market leaders, by providing our customers, the latest, the most innovative and the best available technologies, products and services.

We shall always measure our success on the basis of how much money we have saved for our customer, rather than how much we have earned from them.